Factory Complex

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導演Im Heung-soon拍的實驗紀錄片《Factory Complex》透露著韓國快速經濟發展背後的主角:收低薪水的女性工人。這部電影用個人敘述與護理人員、航空服務員、收銀員和非正式工人的聲音來拿60年代的女性布料工廠工人和現在女性人工的增多剝削進行比較.

Factory Complex is an experimental documentary by Im Heung-soon that reveals the protagonists behind the fast economic development of South Korea: cheap female workers. The film draws a parallel between the female textile workers movement of the 1960s and the increasingly exploitative nature of female employment today, drawing on the personal accounts and voices of care workers, flight attendants, cashiers, and casually employed workers.


《Factory Complex》
Im Heung-Soon作品
2014年 | 92” | 彩色/黑白


《Factory Complex》2016年5月13至7月24日在Edith-Russ新媒體Haus參加《Women at Work》展覽放映。

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