Death Stranding 的圍裙

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“I’m an infrastructure genius”.

— from a post on the subreddit for fans of Death Stranding

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Fitting interactive for Stevphen’s proposed ‘infrastructure noir’ series, we have yet the privilege to play this game, but somehow the higher ambitions of any LIGHT LOGISTICS courier: “in one fell swoop, gets wrapped up into a larger purpose: rebuilding the infrastructure of a collapsed country. Crucially, this isn’t up to the individual player, but every player.

Case in point, today my digital theory class played/watched Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, which has been mocked as a “walking/hiking simulator” or a tale of post-apocalyptic Amazon Prime deliveries, but has a real visceral impact as you watch the protagonist flee (always) acid rain and trek across a planetary surface that is no longer hospitable to humans.

— Alenda CHANG, Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara




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