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I think there’s nothing new about jacquard weaving, it’s the oldest computer, a mechanical computer. It’s kind of this symbolic act to me as a weaver, of using technology to bring back cottage industry and reacquaint people with the act of making in their own homes.

The ability to self-actualize for women is mediated now by the garment industry, and for me that was always uncomfortable. They really affected the way women see their own bodies, and I think the act of actually weaving fabric and knowing your body enough to be able to clothe it is a kind of meditation on your own body without judgement.

藝術家Pamela Liou通過簡單技術要探索和改變我們對於衣服的看法。她創造的台式開放源代碼織布機可以促進家庭手工業,讓織布工自治他們的產品。

更多信息請點陸Pamela Liou的個人網站

Pamela Liou is exploring how simple technology could change the way we relate to our clothes. By building an open-source desktop loom, she wants to build a cottage industry of weavers who have control over the products they use.

For more information, please see Pamela Liou’s website and an introductory video about the project from Eyebeam, where Liou is on residency to develop DOTI.

* 注 NOTE // The DOTI jacquard loom is not actually for sale via this website and cannot be purchased. Monument of Apron is not a commercial site, and your purchases via this platform do not garner commodities. However, you are still encouraged to “shop” as a token of your support for our projects and continued research. For further inquiries about DOTI, please contact Pamela LIOU directly.


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