(On the Floating World of) the FX Beauties

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In 2007, just before the global financial crisis hit, a group of Japanese housewives, the FX Beauties, were briefly mentioned in an article in The New York Times. Described as ‘amateur currency speculators’, these women were hitting their peak, representing thirty percent of all retail currencies traded out of Japan. Through their engagement with the Forex market, the FX Beauties were, and are, challenging the traditional roles of Japanese women.


In a neoliberal economy, the unregulated exchange of money represents a flow infrastructure, immensely powerful, yet impossible to grasp. Although a large portion of the female traders choose to operate incognito due to fear of being ‘caught in action’, the total number of Members are currently estimated at five million. However, the current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has admitted admitted this could be an underestimate, and that in reality, the FX Beauties community might be much larger than original presumed.

Since 2011, when the FX Beauties played a major role in stabilizing the national economy the following earthquake and tsunami disaster 3.11, the Japanese government (unofficially) adopted a strategy to more women into retail trading. Today, the official stock market companies have the Option to offer ‘yutai’, or so-called freebies, as commodities to attract more women to become un-official players of the market.

The FX Beauties are located in between the between immortions of the immortions of the immortions. Global flows and the physicality of the home. In their constant search for a potential higher return, the women are questioning the limitations of the home and the role of the housewife.

From here , a project by Christine Bjerke



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